I have been very fortunate to have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, being that in Fashion, Beauty, Art, Media, Charity sector and TV.

This are some of the testimonials from some of my clients and other professionals I have worked with. Super talented people, that I think highly off and respect. I am thankful and honoured to have provided my services and work along them. I would personally recommend any of this people myself and I am grateful for their opinion.  Please click on their name to visit their website.

Thank you.

Bobbi x

Anne Marie Lawson UK

Makeup Artist
Feedback: Working with Bobbi always add another dimension and a unique creative input. A supremely talented professional: organised, timely & extremely personable Bobbi not only delivers the brief but always creates something wonderful over & above what’s asked.

I would recommend Bobbi without hesitation.


Katerina Christo UK


Feedback: Highly satisfied with Bobbi’s services. She is very professional and a pleasure to work with. No matter what the brief is, Bobbi is always able to adapt and delivers beyond expectation.

I would highly recommend Bobbi.


Liz Barnes. UK


Feedback: I have had the pleasure of painting alongside Bobbi. There was never a dull moment. The day was full of laughter and the end results were astonishing. Bobbi is a very talented Artist, Bodypainter, make-up artist and mural painter I would work with her again in a heartbeat.


Evy Lovat. Verona Italy 

Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Feedback: I had the privilege to meet Bobbi at the Winter Body Art festival in Verona where I performed in a Zumba Fitness masterclass.
I had to be painted for my first time, and she without notice accepted to paint me.

Bobbi with her sympathy and kindness immediately made me feel comfortable, and put me in the right mood.
So what I think about her work, is that, she is a really talented and a professional ARTIST. I loved her painting on me and the way she did it,

I saw something in her which I like to call “passion and love for your job”.

The first day she painted me as a leopard. The second day something she created on her own, for me a beautiful Water Lilly. At the beginning I was a little afraid because I had to dance and to sweat a lot and with the paint on my body I don’t know how it would be…
Sincerely it all fitted perfectly and the show was awesome!


Fabio Fumai UK

Project Developer. Art Lover Ground.

Feedback: On a scale 1-10 Bobbi definitely gets 10. Very satisfied with her work and I would highly recommend her to any prospect clients.


Rosemary Lloyd. UK


Feedback: Bobbi’s work is extraordinary it captivates fantasy in a world full of reality highly recommend Bobbi for body painting, a truly talented remarkable women.


Philippe Cardin: DESIGNER. “Skulls Me I am Famous”

Bobbi did an amazing job doing Makeup and BodyArt at our Launch during Paris Fashion Week.

She always kept her smile on, and  I was happy to see someone that enjoys her passion and spread it, and share it with others !!!  I appreciate that you came all the way to Paris and helped us have a successful show during Paris Fashion Week.

Thank you.

Philippe Cardin. 

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