Halloween Makeup.

by Bobbi Bicker

Most Face painters loves Halloween, as it allows you to be creative and paint any designs you like from scary, spooky, pretty, sparkly you name it, it is all done during Halloween.

It can be satisfying in regard to earnings but very stressful as well, having to choose the right jobs depending on location, fee, or having to turn down many of your friends that haven’t booked you in time and feel let down by you.

I have a few tips to anybody that loves dressing up and enjoys halloween.

1- Hire a professional face/bodypainter if you are the kind of person that likes to look the part and have the WOW factor when you walk in at your halloween party. ( Yes the costumes are great and fun, but nothing can beat a great facepainting, especially when you use SFX) If you do maths it will come much cheaper too.

  • Book way in advance to avoid disappointments.
  • Always look at their portfolio so you know the artists skill level, it will give you an idea of what can be achieved, it can avoid disappointments. You get what you pay for so choose well when deciding.
  • Check they are fully insured, use a sponge per face, clean their brushes and change water regularly and most importantly use professional  face paints, some great brands ( Kryolan, Cameleon, Mehron, Global, DFX, Tag,Superstar) DO NOT let anybody use Acrylics paints on your face, it is NOT safe.
  • Think ahead of time of your costume, what you like to have painted, it makes the life of the facepainter easier, they can tailor the design according to your costume or specifications but always have a rough idea on what you like, google search halloween makeup designs and look through all the amazing photos. A good artist will always put their own spin to any design. Unless they are brilliant then they design something just for you.
  • Do not try to haggle the fee that the artist gives you, it will just put the artist under stress, and if another job that will pay the full fee comes along, you might lose your booking, some artists do change their mind at the last minute too. (you might wonder why is so expensive? is just paint it will wash off… well you are paying for something that gives you pleasure, you will be a walking piece of art at the party and wow everybody, facepainter has to travel to you, so say 1hr there 1hr back that is 2hrs she is not earning that she spent just getting to you, but she hasn’t added the full fee on the total, she probably only charging the minimum travel fee, then is the setting up time, cost of the materials, those paints do not come cheap trust me. Adding everything else up, there is very little profit, really)

Those are some tips from me to keep in mind for the next Halloween.

If you are a Facepainter/Bodypainter/SFX makeup artist or interested in becoming one, please check some useful links of some of my favourite brands where you can purchase some amazing professional Bodypaints Makeup, brushes, kits and anything else needed to run your own business. I love The Facepainting Shop

Kryolan. Cameleon, Mehron, Global,  DFX,  Tag,  Superstar.


Please click on the gallery to view some of the halloween Facepainting,  Bodypainting and SFX makeup I have created. I hope you like them. Some are recreated looks that clients have brought to me, some are my own designs.

Bobbi x

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