Bodypainting for F.U.S.E Fashion Show #LFWSS16

“Stunning Transgender female model Johanna Londinium opened the London Fashion Week SS16 F.U.S.E show” …

“Transgender female model Johanna Londinium opened the London Fashion Week F.U.S.E show on Sunday night and blew the audience away with her elegance…

“Bodypainted trans model highlights inclusivity at show inspired by Caitlyn Jenner”…

This were some of the headlines that captivated readers about the much anticipated show that I  had the pleasure of Bodypainting 3 beautiful models for the opening of F.U.S.E Fashion Show, during #LFWSS16 at The Grand Ballroom at the Montcalm Hotel, Mayfair London filmed by FashionTV, the show didn’t disappoint. The ballroom of the Montcalm Hotel was filled with fashionistas and celebrities. 

Here is a lovely article written on before the show about the Transgender model Johanna Londinium the star of the show, whose ambition is to represent the transgender community at a higher level and to a more mainstream audience, commented on the fashion show: “The only way to educate in a positive way is if people are exposed to transgender people like me at events like the F.U.S.E show.” Petra Truneckova Managing Director of Bellus Events  and #LGBT Wedding Expert cast the model and directed the show and what a wonderful job she did. 

It was very exciting designing the looks for this show, my brief was to come up with designs to compliment the beautiful handbags from designer L&E London.

After seeing the photos of the bags, I instantly knew that I had to design something sophisticated, glam and colorful so I got the sketch pad and drew some rough sketches to send to the designer for approval, although I do like to say that my final look never looks the same as I always tweak the designs depending how I feel on the day or make changes to compliment the models body shape. On 2 of the models Johanna and Ndidi I used Mehron Gold and Silver Metallic Powder, one of my favorite products that I use most of the time and are always in my kit, if you are in the UK you can buy them from TreasureHouseOfMakeup I use them a lot on my Fashion Makeup shoots as well as Bodypainting, they also have bronx and another version of the powders that are safe to use around the eye area. I also used on all the models my Cameleon Paints another one of my favorite brands which I use all the time on all my body-painting jobs. If you are in the UK you can purchase Cameleon Paints from The Facepainting Shop

Myself and my assistant for the day Charli Bignell started painting the models at 12;00pm , Charli is another talented bodypainter that was kind enough to offer to assist me on the show and what great help she was, as the time was flying by very quick and the choreographer kept taking the models on the runway for practice, but we managed to finish on time and have the girls ready to open the show. A great honor for me

. I was streaming live on Periscope when my bodypainted models were on catwalk (you can follow me by clicking here) many live viewers from across the world enjoyed the show with me.

After the show we took some photos then everybody went for the after party at DSTRKT London, an award winning nightclub that I love and am a Gold Member of. I didn’t join the party unfortunately as I was feeling pretty tired being on my feet for 11hrs straight, so I headed home to relax feeling happy and proud that our work contributed towards the shows success.


My initial drawings.




Photos sent by the designer for inspiration

One of the Designers knitted bags



Some behind the scenes photos by Roki Verbosek


Models; Johanna Londinium, Ornela Peka, Ndidi

Photos by BellusEvents.

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With the team that help make the show possible, choreographer Barbod Mayriz, casting director Petra Truneckova, Makeup by Sarah Artistry and her team,  Anuar Bello assistant and Bodypainter Bobbi Bicker.


Beautiful photo with the amazing Make up Artists from SarahArtistry that provided makeup at the show and the organizer Petra Truneckova from BellusEvents.



Video by Christian Jibril from F.U.S.E Fashion Show click to view.

Article about the F.U.S.E Fashion Show on click to read more.

Article on click to read more.

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